Photo: Horatio's office in Bogotá, Colombia. (Credit: Horatio)

Horatio Client Summit Takeaways: BPO Sees More Potential for Customer Service in Latin America

New York-based business process outsourcing (BPO) provider Horatio hosted its second annual client summit in the Dominican Republic this month as a strategic initiative to help position Latin America as a hub for customer service excellence, and its executives came away with an even stronger belief in the region’s potential in the industry.

“Latin America is more than just a destination for outsourcing,” said Jose Herrera, CEO and co-founder of Horatio. “It is a strategic hub where innovation, talent, and customer-centric values converge.”

He added that the event “not only celebrates our accomplishments but also underscores our commitment to driving positive change in the customer service industry.”

Horatio, which has some 1,700 bilingual agents and serves more than 100 US clients from its offices in the Dominican Republic, Colombia, and the United States, identified the following four highlights from its event in Santo Domingo.

1. Focus on Employee-Centric Approach

The summit highlighted the company’s unique approach to employee well-being and professional development, showcasing how this philosophy contributes to superior customer service outcomes. Horatio facilities include bilingual daycare for working mothers, employee benefits, catered breakfast and lunch, a track field, gym, and more.

2. Strategic Expansion in Latin America

With a growing presence in Latin America, Horatio is actively contributing to the region’s emergence as a prominent hub for customer service. The summit addressed the company’s commitment to fostering local talent, creating job opportunities, and promoting economic development in the region.

3. Bilingual Excellence

Latin America’s wealth of bilingual talent positions it as a key player in providing customer service solutions for the U.S. market. Horatio’s bilingual agents play a key role in delivering top-notch service, bridging communication gaps and enhancing customer experience for their diverse client base.

4. Innovation Showcase

Attendees had the opportunity to explore the strategies that contribute to the company’s success including how a human-centered approach comes first.

Photo: Horatio’s office in Bogotá, Colombia. (Credit: Horatio)

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