Bpro’s Bigger, Better Customer Experience Summit Moves To Cartagena For 2022

Cognitive Business News was present at the 20th Customer Experience Summit that took place May 11th and 12th at the Hotel Hilton Cartagena. Due to growth in Colombia’s BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) and contact center industry, Bpro, the industry trade organization and event organizer, decided to move the event to Cartagena, from its traditional location in Bogotá. Cognitive Business News Executive Editor Loren Moss was able to speak briefly with a very busy Ana Karina Quessep Alcové, Bpro’s longtime president.

Cognitive Business News: Bpro is one of the most important industry associations here in Colombia representing BPOs and contact centers. The first thing is that I want to congratulate you for this event, because I have attended these events since 2013 or 2014, and it’s getting bigger and bigger every time, with more and more attendance, and even despite the pandemic it didn’t stop. So now that we are here in Cartagena, in a larger venue, tell me, why did you “change the chip?” Why did you choose to move to this venue here in Cartagena?

Bpro President Ana Karina Quessep

Ana Karina Quessep: Loren, thank you for always being present. We decided to come to Cartagena because through these last two years, which have been difficult for everyone, we wanted to find a place where we could think out of the traditional, where we were able to see each other in a kinder way, and what a better city than Cartagena to do this change? The world is made out of changes nowadays, and I think this is for us as well as for the sector, it brings us the opportunity to be able to be here and we are also celebrating the 20th anniversary of the industry association and the event.

Cognitive Business News: Wow, well I have received a lot of positive comments, I see this event is bigger than ever and you always have very dynamic conference. I know that there’s an after event tonight, this sort of white party, and even though we are here speaking of serious matters, the flavor is very different compared to past events. The flavor of this event is different, was that intentional? Was that the plan or was it a part of a happy accident?

Ana Karina Quessep: I think it was intentional first, and after that, it’s just the happiness provided by all the participants for being here again, seeing each other again. How long had it been since you and I have not seen each other face to face but only virtual? So this is kind of the reason why we decided to come and establish here, provide a wonderful experience, and this event is focused on the human side of CX (customer experience), so we’d have to give the best experience and search for that reason to talk and to reinforce those relationships, to do business, to talk about partnerships, to be together, so I think it’s been a mix of both and we are really glad because of the results.

Cognitive Business News: Of course. For the companies in other countries, companies that are BPOs and contact centers, but also for the companies that offer goods and services, we are talking about software, or the services or advisors that work in the sector, who should attend the CX Summit?

Ana Karina Quessep: I think there are two large groups that attend our CX Summits. First, all of the companies that are in this business, at a national level as an international level, since we have attendants from Portugal, Mexico, Ecuador, Costa Rica, and Panama, who want to learn about all this innovation and everything since we have an academic agenda, a very strict agenda, well elaborated, that allows us to oversee everything related to trends.

And on the other hand, all of the companies that are currently looking for looking to establish in Colombia so that they get to know first-hand what we offer as a country. And there’s more, here there are all the technology providers, infrastructure and all the BPOs and contact center service providers that are also looking for those clients to be able to keep growing as a sector. So it’s a mix of those three, which I think is fundamental since it complements everything, and we close the cycle with the academic, innovation and business.

Cognitive Business News: Excellent. I am enjoying being here but also looking at looking forward to the next year.

Ana Karina Quessep: No doubt here in Cartagena next year, the same date, 10th and 11th of May 2023.

Cognitive Business News: Of course, I will block my agenda.

Ana Karina Quessep: Please, and invite everyone next year.

Bpro website: https://www.bpro.org/

CX Summit website: https://cxsummit.com.co/

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