IBM Opens Cognitive Process Transformation Center In Bogotá

IBM Opens Cognitive Process Transformation Center In Colombia

IBM (NYSE: IBM) has launched what it calls the ‘Cognitive Transformation Center’ in Bogotá, Colombia; the largest IBM center of its kind in Latin America. This shared services center will support companies from different industries in Latin America and around the world, ranging such as banking, telecommunications, gas and energy; in Spanish, Portuguese and English and operating across time zones.

“This is one of our bets for the region in disruptive technologies, local talent and skills for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. In times as challenging as this of COVID-19, investment in areas such as customer service and training in new skills is vital”, said Ana Paula Assis, General Manager of IBM Latin America.

Through this center, IBM will digitally manage, optimize and reinvent corporate processes and services to its clients, by using data analytics, cloud, artificial intelligence, automation, blockchain and other disruptive exponential technologies.

At the ‘Cognitive Transformation Center’, IBM will manage the end to end processes, including:

  • Finance and administration: Billing, accounting, accounts payable, reports, treasury, among others
  • Human Resources
  • Procurement: Tactical and strategic support, as well as management of operational (transactional) procurement.
  • Customer service and revenue cycle: Third party management, complaints and claims solution, reading, collection, billing, project management, collections and knowledge management.

The transformation driven by cognitive processes is one of the pillars of the growth of IBM Services, and one of the company’s main priorities in Latin America. The vendor expects improvements in customer satisfaction, agility in decision-making, reduced costs for the company, which means that the internal team can focus on more strategic activities.

“This great center, the largest IBM in the region, shows that Colombia continues to maintain its attractiveness to investors. Efficient foreign investment is one of the essential instruments in the current situation, not only because it leverages exports, but also because it creates job opportunities and helps boost the economy. We are working with ‘Compromiso por Colombia’ to promote the arrival of more investors: investment facilitation tools and business climate; relocation of companies seeking a new organization of their supply chains and efficiencies when leaving other latitudes; and sectoral and regional incentives,” said José Manuel Restrepo, Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism.

For Flavia Santoro, president of ProColombia, “the inauguration of the Cognitive Process Transformation Center in Colombia is a sign of investor confidence in the country and contributes to our consolidation as an investment destination and service export platform. We will continue to support the growth of IBM in our territory and that of this Center, which will contribute to technological development, job creation and the training and development of our talent.”

Patricio Espinosa, IBM Colombia, Venezuela and Latin Caribbean Region General Manager, said that “this is a very powerful announcement for the country and a commitment to technology. We will take process transformation to the next level. The use of new technologies will enable a more personalized, flexible and responsive service for customers.”

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