Mexico to Join Cartagena As 2nd Host of 2023 ANDICOM ICT Event

Friday, the 37th version of ANDICOM came to a successful close in Cartagena, Colombia. Executive Director of ANDICOM organizer CINTEL, Manuel Martínez Niño, announced that in 2023 ANDICOM is going international, with two events. In April 2023 ANDICOM LATAM in Mexico City will join the traditional ANDICOM from September 6 to 8, 2023 in Cartagena de Indias, on Colombia’s Caribbean coast.

“This is great news for the country, for the Colombian ICT industry. To think that this Congress has so much international resonance that other countries are telling us: “we want to have one!” We have already confirmed our brand presence in the Mesoamerican country. It is a much larger environment, [this will be] a kind of export of a very productive, competitive and well-known Colombian image,” said Martinez.

This announcement validates the success that this year’s ANDICOM has had, uniting 5,000 attendees in 70 academic sessions, with more than 120 speakers and more than 140 participating international companies occupying 7,000 square meters of commercial exhibition space.

“We are proud to say that ANDICOM is an export product. Our convention will continue in Cartagena. It is news that motivates us and fills us with pride that many national and multinational organizations have told us we will be present. The digital wave is beginning to strengthen not only in Colombia but also at a Latin American level,” added Martínez.

The importance and priority of connectivity in the country mentioned by the President of the Republic, Gustavo Petro at the opening of the Congress, was complemented by the presentations of more than 120 world-class speakers who discussed the acceleration, creation and confidence in new business models, among other issues of  relevance for Colombia and the region, as well as cybersecurity, blockchain, analytics, cloud, 5G, and other emerging technologies.

The 37th version of ANDICOM hosted domestic and international experts, who shared their knowledge and experiences, some examples being:

Connecting to the Internet of the Future: The Metaverse

The Metaverse, following the paths of the Internet, would add to the the benefits that the Internet has given us in the last 20 years, enhancing it through technology — Dr. Lester García, Head of Public Policy, Meta.

How to incentivize blockchain adoption in the public and private sector

Blockhain is very important because it has many uses other than storing data. One of its uses is in financial services, it is a revolution that money can be sent as an email, this generates a form of global liquidity — Diana Barrero Zalles, research and sustainability leader of the Global Blockchain Business Council – GBBC.

On Thursday, Colombia’s Delegate Registrar for the National Registry of Civil Status, Marcelo Mejía, announced the most important technology-based project in Colombia: the Digital Cédula. This will be a great challenge for the new government, which seeks to identify digitally to more than 40 million Colombians, thus becoming the key to secure access to digital services.

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