Why Moving Our Telephony to AWS Gives Us a Clear Path to Deep Learning and Conversation Bots

Before launching Cognitive Business News and Unido Digital, I worked as an editor covering customer experience and disruptive technologies in the BPO sector. We are currently researching ways to apply many of these deep learning and artificial intelligence technologies like Lex, SageMaker, DeepLens, and Polly to business use cases. One of the things we are learning is that telephony is just one building block in a comprehensive approach to how an organization interacts with itself, stakeholders, and the outside world.

Even though cloud PBX systems were the disruptive technology just a few years ago, putting the hurt to companies such as Nortel & Avaya, they too are being displaced by telephony integrated into wider platforms. Twilio & Amazon are clearly players in this area, Cisco is still formidable because of its vast reach across software, hardware and the network. NICE has a suite of specialized technologies and remains well positioned. The smaller single-solution players had better watch out.

Below I share with you my thought process behind our recent moves.

Why we switched to Amazon’s AWS Connect from 8×8 for our telephony

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