Hinduja Global Solutions Launches New Customer Experience Hub in Barranquilla, Colombia

Indian service provider Hinduja Global Solutions (HGS) has launched a new customer experience (CX) hub in Barranquilla, Colombia.

On July 18, the company formally held its inauguration, which was attended by HGS’ Group CEO Partha DeSarkar and various Colombian government officials, of a center that now employs more than 150 workers and expects to surpass 300 employees by the end of the year.

Bangalore-based HGS, which provides solutions in digital CX, business process management (BPM) and digital media services, had already begun work in Barnaquilla starting in November 2022 from a local co-working space to support clients in English, Spanish, and Portuguese

Alfredo Carbonell, a representative from Barranquilla mayor’s office, and Daniel Aranguren Casas, senior investment advisor of ProColombia, both attended the inauguration earlier this month.

“Colombia has been growing steadily as an attractive nearshore destination for CX services, led by many advantages including the presence of high-quality multi-lingual talent, multiple universities, and time zone alignment to North America markets,” said HGS in a statement. “HGS believes that the new hub in Barranquilla will act as a catalyst to significantly scale its CX capabilities for its expanding multilingual client base globally.”

Photo: Partha DeSarkar, group CEO of HGS, cuts the tape on the company’s hub in Barranquilla. (Credit: HGS)


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