Etek’s Praveen Sengar Discusses Enterprise Security In A Post-Covid World

During an executive roundtable with several corporate CIOs and IT security leaders, Etek conducted a revelatory poll along with co-sponsor IBM. The coronavirus pandemic and shift to telework set against the larger backdrop of digital transformation both accelerated the pace of change for the surveyed executives, and in many cases rearranged priorities. In this insightful conversation, Sengar explains what companies are doing, and additional steps that they must take to advance in a way based on agility and security. Sengar also tells Cognitive Business News’ Loren Moss about Etek’s innovative new Data Leak Prevention Service and enterprise virtual desktops.

Also be sure to view Sengar’s interview for Finance Colombia where he discusses the unexpected pleasures and challenges of an expat life in Bogotá, Colombia where Sengar moved along with his family when he assumed leadership at Etek.

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