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Blueprint Inks Deal WIth Blue Prism

Digital process modeling, documentation, and optimization solutions provider Blueprint has announced their partnership with Blue Prism, one of the principal Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software providers. The partnership supports organizations as they look to drive continuous innovation within their business processes and scale their use of RPA enterprise-wide. It also enables joint customers to develop more complex, end-to-end business process automations, accelerate the speed of automation delivery, reduce software maintenance costs, and govern their Digital Workforces according to rigorous enterprise and regulatory constraints.

As more enterprises turn to RPA to build more efficient, streamlined, and responsive organizations, especially in the midst of the current COVID-19 pandemic, many are limited in their ability to scale the technology because they lack visibility and alignment across complex business processes. To achieve RPA at an enterprise scale, organizations must have a centralized and collaborative place to visually model end-to-end business processes that are connected and aligned to overall business strategy and objectives, as well as regulatory dependencies. This way, they can ensure Digital Workers are optimally and compliantly designed, built, and executed within the larger context of their business – enabling the organization to realize the full potential and benefits of RPA at scale.

As the newest member of Blue Prism’s Technology Alliance Program (TAP), Blueprint reinforces the essential collaborative relationship between business and IT stakeholders and provides a centralized place to design, optimize, connect, manage, and store all of the critical information related to how you run your business today, and how you intend to continuously optimize for tomorrow. Using Blueprint’s Enterprise Automation Suite, all stakeholders can effortlessly design complex business processes in a user-friendly, intuitive interface and connect them to all critical enterprise dependencies, regulatory controls, and business objectives so all stakeholders have a transparent, compliant, and full picture of the processes to be automated. They can then automatically generate functional and acceptance tests and leverage the seamless integration between the two platforms to transition these along with process flows and technical details into Blue Prism’s platform, where RPA developers can continue the development of flows and details to produce deployable Digital Workers.

Blueprint CEO Dan Shimmerman notes, “Our partnership with Blue Prism is a major step forward in being able to support large enterprises as they scale and govern their transformational digital automations. Blue Prism’s 20 years of proven ability in the RPA space, combined with Blueprint’s unique features that provide scalable ways to design and translate end-to-end business process requirements into technical requirements while accounting for regulatory constraints, well positions our partnership to help enterprise clients realize the benefits of augmented digital workforces and deliver ongoing, scalable value through automation.”

This integration is expected to deliver significant value to clients of all industries, with those in regulated industries such as financial services, insurance, pharmaceutical, and automotive particularly with the most to benefit due to the improvement of automation governance available through Blueprint.

“The Holy Grail for automation lies in being able to provide a complete end-to-end solution,” says Bruce Mazza, VP of Technology Alliance Programs for Blue Prism“This partnership gives users an easy way to continually improve and streamline their business processes, by providing transparency, analytical insights and modelling capabilities on what is being automated. We are treating automation in a very holistic way that can scale throughout the enterprise without compromising on compliance and security.”

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