Ulanzi VL 120 RGB video and photography lights

After 1 Year, Ulanzi Pocket Video Lights Demonstrate Their Value

Ulanzi is a photographic accessories company working to make a name for itself in high-value, high quality accessories. We picked up two Ulanzi VL 120 RGB video and photography lights for our own purposes and to test.

After 13 months of use, the lights have held up well, and operate flawlessly in a professional photo and video environment. As news producers, we put gear through heavy use, and these lights have so far operated flawlessly.

The lights are pocket sized, two could easily fit in the same jeans pocket. One would fit easily even in a shirt pocket. With built in batteries and USB-C charging, no outside pieces are needed beyond the standard cable. The light has adjustable color temperature from a warm 2500k up to an icy white 9000k. The rear display is especially helpful, Adjustments are made via two thumbwheels on the side and an on-off button. There is a ¼” threaded hole on the bottom. It would be better if they added a second ¼ thread on the side opposite the thumbwheels so the device can be mounted horizontally or vertically.

These Ulanzi VL 120 RGB video and photography lights are handy, durable and priced right.

The lights are medium powered and best used as fill lights, or closeup lights. They don’t have the intensity to light up an entire scene but are good enough to highlight a face during a closeup interview. Battery life is good considering the size of the lights. At full power they may last 20-30 minutes, but at lower power, adequate for fill or highlight, can easily run for more than an hour.

These are handy, durable and priced right. As long as they aren’t used inappropriately, such as trying to completely light a dark room where a higher powered light would make sense, they are a great addition to any video or photography lighting kit, especially when traveling light.

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