International ICT Congress Moves to New Venue In Cartagena

Due to the continued growth of Andicom, Latin America’s most important IT Industry Event, Colombia’s CINTEL information and telecommunications agency has announced that the event will expand by moving its principal location to the larger waterfront Complex of The Americas convention center, still in Cartagena, but in a more modern area near the airport, instead of the traditional colonial setting of the Cartagena Convention Center.

The new facilities give exhibitors and attendees up to 70,000 square meters of indoor, air conditioned space to interact around the 2023 theme of “Get into the Digital World” with focii on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Blockchain, 5G and the Internet of Things.

Hotels near the event are filling quickly.

Over three days, conferences and panel discussions will take place on these topics:

  • September 6 – “Policies & GovTech Solutions for a connected society”.  In this space, the roadmap in terms of sectoral policy and regulation for the coming years will be discussed and the way in which disruptive trends will impact the  State and the digital citizen in daily life.
  • September 7“Strategies for digital acceleration”.  Digital acceleration strategies for business will be the topic as well as the new challenges, services and applications that have changed the way many tasks are performed.
  • September 8 “Beyond Digital”.  This day will center around the effectiveness of technological trends such as AI, Quantum Computing, Web 3.0, Metaverse, digital platforms and Gaming.

“ANDICOM 2023 is the scenario for all industries to integrate into the digital world, know the effective application of technological trends, and also interact with the protagonists and industry leaders who make social and economic transformation possible through technology,” said Manuel Martínez Niño, Executive Director of CINTEL (Center for Research and Development in Information and Communication Technologies),  organizer of the Congress.

During last year’s event, ANDICOM featured:

  • 5,000 attendees
  • 1,500 participating companies
  • Participants from from 30 countries
  • 140 exhibitors
  • 70+ academic sessions
  • 120 world-class speakers

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