2021 Annual Report Covering US VC & PE Deals and Tech Investment Available Here, Thanks To Tracxn

Tracxn, the market intelligence platform for private market investing and corporate development, has released its 2021 edition of the United States Tech annual fact sheet, actually a 37 page report, on venture capital and private equity deals that took place last year throughout the United States.

Download the report by clicking here

The detailed report offers a comprehensive overview of regional startups and early stage enterprises, along with detailed insights such as investment trends, top funding rounds, top cities nurturing the ecosystem, most popular business models, notable exits and much more.

Tracxn also publishes annual reports and sector specific reports for various other geographies, including India, Latin America, Singapore, EMEA region, and others.

The Latin America / Caribbean annual report is also available by clicking here

Tracxn tracks Innovative companies across over 300 technology sectors and more than 1,000 emerging themes worldwide, plus dedicated geographic coverage on over 30 countries.

Tracxn is an ideal solution that combines human researchers with artificial intelligence, and is an ideal solution for

  • Investors – VC, PE, IB, Incubators, Angel Networks, Family Offices
  • In-house researchers & analysts – M&A, Innovation and Digital Transformation Teams
  • Government Agencies, Industry Bodies, Universities
  • Marketing & Sales teams prospecting or researching competition

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