NICE Introduces New Onmi-channel Analytics Solution

Software and data services provider NICE has introduced a new analytics solution for omni-channel analysis based on its Nexidia platform.

Called the Nexidia Analytics Solutions, the insight-generating platform incorporates neural networks that can learn alongside audio and text search functions that can sift through calls, emails, and chats, among other methods of communication.

Calling the offering “analytics with no limits,” Miki Migdal, president of the NICE enterprise product group, said that, “infusing analytics into all our solutions is a pivotal strategy for NICE.”

The company added that NICE’s new analytics solution is fully integrated with some of its other offerings, including NICE Engage, Quality Management and Performance Management.

Among its highlights, NICE notes the platform’s ability to combine reporting and query building, as well as an interface dashboard designed to be easy for people in various roles in the company to use. Above all, the firm is championing how Nexidia Analytics Solutions can help in customer service regardless of the how the client decides to contact the company.

“Speech and text analytics are the most effective tools for gaining insight into customers’ and prospects’ opinions, needs, and wants,” said Donna Fluss, president of DMG Consulting LLC.

She added that, “it’s essential to know what customers and prospects are doing and saying in all channels — at all times — so that the company can take the right actions and deliver a personalized experience to each individual who reaches out to them.”

NICE, which also offers financial-crime-fighting and compliance services, claims that its solutions are used by more than 25,000 globally, including at least 80 of the firms in the Fortune 100.

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