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Etek Launches Automated 4th Generation Data Leak Prevention Service

ETEK International Corporation today launched its cloud-based 4th Generation Data Leak Prevention service. This service integrates with ETEK’s MDR service, providing enterprises with real-time infiltration intelligence, compliance reports, and complete governance while automating the identification and classification of data, generating and applying security policies in real time both on corporate networks and end devices.

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As information theft increases at a considerable rate worldwide, organizations must also be prepared to prevent leakage of confidential data. Regardless of the size of the company, cybercriminals find new ways every day to steal sensitive information. This new service applies a holistic approach to protecting information using technologies that significantly reduce manual tasks and reduce possible scenarios for data breaches.

Unlike previous generations, the approach used by ETEK in this 4th Generation is based on four architecture elements:

  1. Automatic Data Classification
  2. Automated Generation of Protection Policies
  3. Advanced Control of Access Levels
  4. Automated Authorization Flows.
Etek CEO Praveen Sengar

Etek CEO Praveen Sengar

“ETEK’s new service harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide a comprehensive protective barrier against data leakage. The service works in line with the data flows of organizations and is implemented in combination with applications, data repositories and end devices such as PCs, tablets and laptops,” concluded Praveen Sengar, CEO of ETEK International.

Once up and running, the ETEK service maintains continuous visibility and control over data flows across the business network and end devices. From there, it performs the identification and classification of confidential data in real time and enforces Data Leak Prevention policies. By proactively addressing cybersecurity issues, ETEK’s service provides information security and a comprehensive data leak prevention landscape.

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