Guest Contribution – Sci-Fi, AI and the New Chinese Dream: How China Uses Science Fiction To Define Its Future

AI may prove to be a geo-political game changer, where those first to master AI will be subsequent world powers. Therefore, it is vital to understand what China, one of the world’s current largest powers, is doing when it comes to AI and its race for global positioning. Further, understanding the cultural nuances when tapping into the medium of science fiction can provide insight into China’s ability to become an innovation and AI world leader.

Co-Founder Frank Casale of ChoiceWORX explains RPA’s “Broken Bot Syndrome.”

AI powered RPA bot-management firm Choiceworx has been making moves recently. Last month they announced a strategic investment round led by Tech Council Ventures with participation by Front Row Fund and IDEA Fund Partners. Loren Moss recently caught up with Frank Casale to discuss “broken bot syndrome” and what Choiceworx is doing about it.
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