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AI 2024 Alert: Can You Say ‘Concurrent Asynchronous Hyper-Evolution’?

The most commonly asked question within my global member network for most of 2023 was “What is Chat GPT?” As we close in on 2023, the narrative has pivoted, and the new big question is: “What’s next for Generative AI?”

You may not like or agree with my answer, you may think its over-hyped or just plain over the top BS, but know that my confidence level in these predictions are high. And furthermore, the stakes for us all are extremely high.

Let me start by saying fasten your seatbelt folks, as we are about to enter a unique, daunting and historic period. Things are about to really accelerate, get complicated and become a bit overwhelming at times. Things are also about to get weird if not surreal.

We are rapidly approaching a historic inflection point. One where this ever-accelerating pace of change will officially go beyond the ability for most individuals, enterprises and society overall to comprehend and adequately respond and adjust to. While the fuel propelling this is technology, the impact will be widespread and inescapable. The good, the bad and the bizarre will affect big business, startups, education, government, finance, and entertainment to name a few.

Imagine the film, Everything Everywhere All at Once. Now imagine it on steroids. If you’ve seen it, you’ll understand what’s in store. If you haven’t, the title should give you a hint.

GPT’s meteoric rise in 2023 saw a staggering 20 million Google searches in the first nine months. This is testament to the LLM’s (Large Language Model’s) explosive ascent, considering its relative anonymity just 12 months earlier.

Each digital corner seems dominated by GPT. Every smartphone swipe or laptop boot-up reveals countless posts, articles, and podcasts dedicated to the AI phenomenon. The public response’s breadth is vast – oscillating between excitement for what the LLM has in store and trepidation…with what the LLM has in store.

With such an eventful introductory year, one can’t help but wonder:
What’s next?

If ChatGPT’s debut defines 2023, then 2024 is when things begin to resemble the Oscar winning film, except this time is real life – your life.

The AI 2024 version of the movie

Envision a movie with multiple competing subplots. Now, imagine each of these subplots simultaneously unravelling on various screens within a single room. Each storyline plays at a dizzying speed, echoing its own unique tune. The genres aren’t bound by consistency, but instead traverse tales of adventure, sci-fi, drama, horror and even comedy.

This multisensory overload paints a vivid picture of 2024 – the beginning of what I refer to as the era of Concurrent Asynchronous Hyper-Evolution (CAHE).

CAHE is building momentum as you read this. Each week, the market will see an influx of hundred and soon thousands of innovative new tools. Companies, business models and entire industries and institutions will be impacted – some positively, some negatively

Needless to say, things begin to get complicated and a bit overwhelming.

The response to this onslaught will be as diverse as the stakeholders involved. As the saying goes, “Where you sit is where you stand” – and this couldn’t apply more to Generative AI. Startups, investors, G2000 enterprises, labor unions, financial institutions, Legacy IT, government leaders and the burgeoning side hustle community will each navigate this new terrain, having to play the hand they are dealt. Some might get a great hand right out of the gate, setting their eyes on the prize…while others will end up in a state of crisis.

There are a variety of key factors converging to ignite this 2024 inflection point.
Following are the 12 most critical as I see it at this time. I will continue to update this list in the coming months as things evolve. Or I should say ‘ hyper evolve’

1.   The Shift from Innovation to Launch

Until now, many experts have focused on building AI tools and technologies. 2024, however, will see a shift from the innovation phase to the launch phase. Those who have tirelessly worked on developing AI technologies will finally bring their products to market. This signifies a pivotal shift when the fruits of one’s labor becomes accessible to everyone. The coming months will see the market flooded with thousands of new tools and apps, increasing the market’s options to choose from, which is always good. That said, no one will be able to keep up with the weekly wave of new entrants.

2.   From One Player to Everyone’s In the Game

In 2023, the adoption of AI was limited to a few major players. 2024 can expect a significant change with everyone being in the game with their own LLM and related tech. Assume dozens of additional big tech players by the end of next year. Yes, this means more options for buyers which is great, however, it also makes for complex planning, selection, and governance. And yes, this is great news for advisors and analysts, alike.

3. The emergence of intelligent autonomous agents

While the jury is out as to when autonomous cars will be truly ready, make no mistake 2024 is the year the autonomous agent gets traction.

Autonomous agents are AI-powered programs able to create tasks by themselves, finish tasks, reprioritize, and repeat this process until they achieve their goal. Sounds like a worker right? Exactly.

Autonomous agents will change how we create companies as well as how work is performed. It will 10x the current wow factor for those on the board the Gen AI train.

I wanted to avoid the over used ‘this is a real game changer’ but this really does change everything. I coined the term ‘ digital labor’ a decade ago predicting a shift from software designed to assist the knowledge worker, to intelligent and adaptable software designed to replace the knowledge workers.

Well here we are.

Extremely game changing and extremely disruptive. To both enterprises as well as labor centric service providers. First movers will clean up here. More to come on autonomous agents in 2024.

Really important to stay close to this emerging trend.

4. The Beginning of The End of the Traditional VC Model

As Generative AI reduces the requirement for any significant money or physical resources, the need for early-stage funding will diminish over the next 12 to 24 months. Thousands of founders and solopreneurs can and will bootstrap their way to MVPs and customers. This is good news for these visionaries. It’s bad news for early-stage VCs, most of which are not yet aware that they are about to be rendered irrelevant. A new breed of VC and or start up incubator / accelerator must and will begin to emerge after reality kicks in in 2024.

5. The Innovation Explosion

As AI technology becomes more accessible to millions more people, there will be a surge of ideas, apps, platforms, and innovations. The barrier to entry for utilizing AI has been lowered, if not eliminated, allowing individuals and organizations to experiment with AI’s vast potential in their respective fields. Envision millions of potential Thomas Edisons, Steve Jobs, and Elon Musks experimenting with minimal restrictions to time and money. This grassroots wave of creativity will be unlike anything society has experienced.

6. White Collar Jobs Down, White Collar Unions Up

Whomever says there will be zero job loss as a direct result of AI is either lying, uninformed, or delusional. Previously solid careers in areas such as research, content development, website creation, contact centers, and mortgage processing will gradually decrease as 2024 unfolds and will ultimately be obliterated over the following 24 months. As more knowledge workers get displaced, more white-collar unions will emerge. This trend has already begun.

7. Enterprises Finally Start to Embrace AI with Confidence –
The Role of ChatGPT with Guardrails

Enter ChatGPT with guardrails. These technologies play a crucial role in enabling the mass adoption of AI by addressing concerns and providing a safe and secure environment for users. ChatGPT with guardrails ensures that AI-powered conversations remain within ethical boundaries, while preventing the dissemination of harmful or misleading information. Private instances, on the other hand, offer enhanced privacy and data protection and give users peace of mind while using AI applications.

The availability of these technologies will lead to a significant shift in enterprises’ perception and the embracing of AI. In 2023, most enterprises were hesitant. The introduction of ChatGPT with guardrails and private instances, however, will effectively address barriers and pave the way for the beginning adoption of AI across industries.

8.   Startup Tsunami

Startup costs are plummeting due to cheap AI and the introduction of autonomous agents. This means barriers to entry for new ventures will all but be eliminated. There will likely be more new companies and side hustles launched in 2024 than in any year prior. Do you have an idea for business that you have delayed due to lack of funding or resources. 2024 may be your year. Let’s go!

9. Recent advancements in voice technologies will change how we work, play and live.

What an exciting space. Conversational AI and Chat GPT are delivering significant benefits and transforming how we shop, interact with our IT help desk and communicate with businesses and even government agencies. Speed, accuracy, hyper personalization and elasticity will ensure that customer delight is the new normal and that waiting on hold.

10. The first post Gen-AI era US presidential election

Regardless of which side of the aisle you reside, there is a very good possibility that you may be confused, misled or manipulated by extremely convincing deep fakes and the like in 2024 as a result of significant tech advancements made in 2023 with regard to image, audio and video creation and simulation. I really hope I’m wrong on this one as the risk of civil unrest is real; however, I unfortunately do believe 2024 will be the year that a new strain of ‘manipulative AI’ is unleashed into social media and main stream media ecosystems.

11.   The Quick and The Dead

As a wave of feisty startups blast onto the scene seemingly every day, many existing companies will move too slowly and delay dipping their toe into the Generative AI pool. As the rapid pace of accelerated change continues to increase, it will be tougher and tougher for business leaders to get onto this bullet train. This nets out to many G2000 players beginning to struggle just as thousands of fast moving and hungry Gen AI native competitors begin to nip at their heels. The powershift begins gaining momentum in 2024.

I recommend to all who are willing to listen to start your Gen AI journey in 2024 if you haven’t already. If you wait until 2025, it might just be too late for you to catch up with the competition!

12.  The 2nd verse of the Metaverse

2023 was mostly a metaverse free zone however recent announcements from the likes of Apple and Meta make it clear that the 2nd coming of advanced AR/VR will have an impact in 2024. Add AI to the mix and you have a potent mix of intelligence and immersive experience. CX will never be the same as iCX (immersive Customer experience ) makes strides in 2024 and beyond. Great news for retail, education, entertainment and contact centers especially as the young VR native workforce moves up in the ranks and influences purchasing decisions.


In conclusion, 2024 is by no means just another year on the emerging tech calendar. We will be entering a new world in which opportunities, threats, and perpetual change will be the new normal.

This signifies the genesis of an unparalleled revolution. Notice I didn’t say tech revolution? I said revolution.

So fasten your seatbelt, because things are about to get crazy. And this will all happen faster than you can say ‘Concurrent Asynchronous Hyper-Evolution’.


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