Ana Karina Quessep, president of BPrO, talks on stage at the CX Summit 2023 in Cartagena.

BPrO’s CX Summit 2024 to Showcase Top Customer Experience Trends in Colombia from May 8-9

BPrO, the leading business process outsourcing (BPO) association in Colombia, will host Customer Experience Summit 2024 (CX Summit) in Cartagena from May 8-9 to bring together top industry leaders and experts for two days of discussion and exhibitions centered around the customer experience.

This year’s event will dive into a range of current trends affecting the sector with a specific focus on how trust intersects with customer service and user experience.

“Professionals will share their experiences and provide the necessary tools to understand and strengthen this crucial aspect in business and customer service strategies,” noted BPrO when announcing the upcoming event. “The focus will be on highlighting the importance of trust in customer relationships, from transparency in communication to the consistent delivery of quality products and services, underlining its critical role in business success.”

According to Ana Karina Quessep, president of BPrO, companies are no longer looking to simply carry out routine transactions — but to transform every interaction into an authentic and meaningful experience for their customers.

“At BPrO, we recognize this shift in focus and are hosting the CX Summit to showcase the latest trends in customer experience, emerging technologies, and the importance of business trust,” she said. “Additionally, it is a great space for networking and building business relationships and, with this event, we seek to promote innovation, business confidence, and excellence in all economic sectors.”


Ana Karina Quessep, president of BPrO

Ana Karina Quessep, president of BPrO. (Credit: BPrO)


Prominent Speakers at CX Summit 2024

During the event, attendees will have the opportunity to listen to and learn from some of the most prominent speakers in the world of experience, including the following represent noteworthy presenters.

Beth Davies

With more than 25 years of experience at innovative companies such as Tesla, Apple, Microsoft and Gap, Davies is recognized for her ability to cultivate distinctive company cultures and create customer-centric organizations. As Director of Learning and Development at Tesla (2011 to 2017), she played a crucial role in growing the company from 600 to 33,000 employees. In addition to promoting the company’s culture to preserve its identity in the face of rapid staff growth, it implemented methods to ensure rapid adaptation of new employees and their prompt operational integration. During her speech, she will share inspiring stories and practical lessons from his career, offering attendees a unique insight into the importance of customer experience in business success.

Millán Ludeña

Recognized as the most influential motivational speaker in Ecuador — and one of the main inspirational references in all of Latin America — Ludeña is famous for his extreme feats. His most notable were documented in the movie “From Core to Sun,” in which he connects the lowest point on Earth with the closest point to the sun in less than 72 hours, which was recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records. He was also awarded the U.S. Air Force’s Blue Horizon Medal, where his story served as an inspiration to elite pilots around the world.

Gerd Leonhard

This will mark the first visit to Colombia by Leonhard, who is considered to among the top 10 futuristic speakers in the world as well as a leader in digital ethics. He will explore the challenges and opportunities facing customer service in the digital age. With a focus on foresight, future-proof leadership, and resilience in the face of uncertainty, Leonhard will offer attendees unique insight into the role of technology in the customer experience.

Carlos Páez

Páez is a survivor of the plane crash in the Andes and a true example of determination and self-improvement. In his lecture he will address topics related to leadership, teamwork and adapting to change, based on his 72-day experience in the Andes Mountains. In addition, his talk will focus on the importance of trust, a vital element to work optimally, together and efficiently as a team. The speaker believes that trust is established by generating a common purpose in which risks are taken and solutions are proposed in an assertive manner.

More speakers

The event will also feature the participation of national and regional speakers such as Héctor Orozco, General Director of Arcos Dorados Colombia (McDonald’s); David Escobar, director of Comfama; Catalina Irurita, expert in Marketing and Communications; Magda Galindo, vice president of Promigas; Estanislao Bachrach, PhD in molecular biology and outstanding popularizer of neurosciences, self-knowledge, and the management of emotions.

CX Interaction Awards

CX Summit 2024 will also feature the prestigious CX Interaction Awards, an annual recognition given to outstanding companies in customer engagement. These companies have demonstrated excellence in various processes, thus contributing to the success of their organizations and promoting interaction with customers in all sectors of the economy.

With top draws including the awards presentation, the exhibition hall, and the wide range of expert panels and presentations, the event is expected to bring together more than 1,200 industry leaders.

Attendees will get the chance to rub elbows with many top professionals shaping the sector, including CEOs, presidents, general managers, directors and managers from various areas, representing sectors such as telecommunications, mass consumption, retail, technology, healthcare, insurance, finance, tourism, BPO, contact centers and government.

Main photo: Ana Karina Quessep, president of BPrO, at CX Summit in 2023. (Credit: BPrO)

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