Tracxn Deals of the Week: AI, RPA, Cybersecurity, and Big Data(October 7-13, 2022)

According to Tracxn, these are the notable deals in the past week for the Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, RPA and Cybersecurity Sectors for October 7th through 13th, 2022.

  •  Robotics Process Automation:
    • Monteris, Minimally invasive robotic laser thermotherapy, raised a Series D – $35M round.
    • eFishery, Provider of an IoT-based automatic fish feeding system, raised a Convertible Debt – $32M round from, DBS Bank.
    • DexForce Technology Co, Provider of Ai-based 3D vision software and 3D cameras, raised – $14M round from, NewMargin Ventures.

Tracxn tracks Innovative companies across over 300 technology sectors and more than 1000 emerging themes worldwide, plus dedicated geographic coverage on over 30 countries.

Tracxn is an ideal solution that combines human researchers with artificial intelligence, and is an ideal solution for

  • Investors – VC, PE, IB, Incubators, Angel Networks, Family Offices
  • In-house researchers & analysts – M&A, Innovation and Digital Transformation Teams
  • Government Agencies, Industry Bodies, Universities
  • Marketing & Sales teams prospecting or researching competition

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