Tolifo exhibiting at the NAB Show 2023.

Q&A: Tolifo Aims to Give TikTokers and Live Streamers a New Lighting Option

Chinese photography lighting provider Tolifo was among the many exhibitors that came to the NAB Show 2023 earlier this year in Las Vegas to showcase their new lineup of products and network with colleagues across the industry.

Loren Moss, executive editor of Cognitive Business News, was able to catch up with company representative Jingxian Fang to find out a little more about the company’s business strategy and products.

A light from Tolifo.

A light from Tolifo. (Credit: Loren Moss)

Cognitive Business News: Tell me about the company’s distribution model. Do you sell directly, or do you have distributors in the United States and other countries? What was the main objective of attending the NAB Show?

Fang: For the US market, we mainly have distributors. First of all, we came to the show to introduce our latest products. Second, we are looking for distributors, which is really important for our company. And the third reason is to maintain our relationship with the old clients, to introduce our new products directly, and show them for display — to let people touch and feel our products.

Cognitive Business News: Tell me about your newest products. What have you come out with that’s new this year?

Fang: Actually, we have 20 new products. We mainly want to introduce our product for live streaming. We are looking for markets that want to use this light for TikTok, for YouTube, and for live streaming in general.

Cognitive Business News: How are you able to compete so well on pricing compared to some of the lights that are double or triple the cost? How are you able to offer your products at such a good price?

Fang: The first way is by attending trade shows. And a second way is through internet channels — with internet marketing as well as a B2B platform. Mainly with marketing on those platforms.

This Q&A was edited for length and clarity.

Lead photo: Tolifo exhibiting at the NAB Show 2023. (Credit: Loren Moss)

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