New Speakers Announced For Digital Transformation Andes 2019

With just over a month to go, the Digital Transformation Andes Summit, held at the Habitel Hotel & Convention Center in Bogotá near the El Dorado International Airport has announced exciting new speakers relevant to executives charged with making key strategy and IT decisions in their enterprises.

Amikam Yalokevsky from global technology giant Mediatek will be visiting from the US to present several discussions on Edge AI, or how artificial intelligence in the end device, whether smartphone, tablet, laptop or IoT device, can enable new capabilities in the enterprise. With Edge AI, computation is not limited to constant connectivity to the enterprise network.

José Otero, 4G Americas’ Vice President of Latin America And The Caribbean.

José Otero, 5G Americas’ Vice President of Latin America And The Caribbean.

Yalokevsky will also be speaking on narrowband IoT which allows remote devices like smoke detectors or telemetry to communicate; something valuable for industries like agriculture, mining, and petroleum.  Also, Yalokevsky will present on 4.5G technologies.

Many have heard about 5G technology, and Digital Transformation Andes’ own keynote speaker, José Otero from 5G Americas will discuss the game changer that 5G will be for The Americas. However, 5G isn’t here yet. Yalokevsky will speak about the bridge technologies such as 4.5G that are close at hand and will provide clear and present short to mid-term benefits for corporate networks and consumers alike.

Frank Casale, Founder of the Outsourcing Institute and the Institute for Robotics Process Automation & Artificial Intelligence will speak at Digital Transformation Andes 2019

Frank Casale, Founder of the Outsourcing Institute and IRPA-AI (Photo credit: Loren Moss)

Frank Casale, Founder of both the Institute for Robotics Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence, and the Outsourcing Institute will also visit from the US to speak to the plenary session on the digital landscape in 2020.

The IAOP’s (International Association of Outsourcing Professionals) Mauricio Velazquez will discuss the formation of a regional IAOP chapter, with the support of Colombia’s outsourcing trade association BprO, formerly ACDECC, who successfully concluded their own annual industry event.

“We are excited about our lineup of speakers,” said Finance Colombia’s Loren Moss. “A lot of events end up having more vendors than executives or attendees. We want to provide a lot of value for those in attendance, where they leave with valuable takeaways, not just a bunch of sales pitches. We want to provide real value and equip regional companies with the tools and knowledge they need to make wise decisions when it comes to modernization and digital transformation of their enterprises.

Unisys' world renowned security expert Dr. Carlos Castañeda

Unisys’ world renowned security expert Dr. Carlos Castañeda

Also presenting are security expert Dr. Carlos Castañeda from Unisys, discussing securing the enterprise during and after the migration to the cloud. Esteban Carril of international management consulting firm Chazey Partners will join the event from Brasil to

Chazey Partners' Esteban Carril

Chazey Partners’ Esteban Carril

discuss the role of shared services in growing companies as they move from national firms to “multilatinas” or true global enterprises.

Interested sponsors may inquire by contacting Cognitive Business or Finance Colombia using the contact form here.   More information on the event is available at the event website, Digital Transformation Andes 2019. Team discounts are available for companies that wish to send multiple colleagues. Student discounts for unemployed full-time students are also available.

Habitel offers generous hotel discounts and a special rate only available by reserving at the hotel website here, and using the discount code digital2019

Avianca is offering special discounts for summit attendees using the code GN412 who book on the airline’s website here.

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