Microsoft Acquires Softomotive To Bolster Robotics Process Automation Functionality In Microsoft Power Automate

Tuesday, Charles Lamanna,Microsoft’s CVP, Citizen Application Platform announced the company is acquiring RPA maker Softomotive, the creator of WinAutomation. By bringing Softomotive’s desktop automation together with the existing Microsoft Power Automate capabilities, Microsoft hopes to expand the market for Robotics Process Automation, enabling more users to create bots to automate manual business processes.

Softomotive currently counts more than 9,000 global customers. Together with Power Automate, WinAutomation will provide customers additional options for RPA desktop authoring so non technical users can build a bot and automate Windows-based tasks. The combined offering will also enable RPA connectivity to many new apps and services including SAP and traditional green-screen terminal applications.

Microsoft indicates that this Softomotive acquisition allows them to execute on specific RPA customer strategies:

  • Expanding the out-of-the-box UI automation drivers for commonly used apps and services – Microsoft says it will provide a robust set of RPA capabilities in one platform, and is now expanding the existing desktop automation experience with the addition of Softomotive’s set of connectors and applications, such as SAP, legacy terminal screens, Java, Citrix, and more.
  • Enabling parallel execution and multitasking  Customers can now execute multiple workflows and automations in parallel and on the same machine to reduce latency and improve the efficiency of their bots. This brings the same incredible scale from existing Power Automate API automation to UI automation.

Quickly create new processes with WinAutomation’s Desktop interface.

Today, over 350,000 organizations use Microsoft Power Automate every month with advanced features like AI-based data understanding through AI Builder, UI-based application automation through UI flows, and integrating with applications and databases via 315 built-in API connectors. The Power Automate platform represents the next generation of RPA and is accessible to everyone in an organization, including coders and non-coders alike, through a low-code development environment.

Starting today, all existing Power Automate customers can immediately benefit from WinAutomation to automate legacy tasks in the cloud or on their desktops. This is available at no additional cost to customers with an RPA attended license in Power Automate. Power Automate users can now take automation one step further with a rich desktop-based authoring experience.

Learn more about getting started with WinAutomation in this documentation. Additionally, new users can learn more about  UI flows immediately.

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