Avixa - InfoCom 2023 DEI - Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

AVIXA to Highlight DEI Commitment at InfoComm 2023 from June 10-16 in Orlando

AVIXA, the Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association, will continue to demonstrate its commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) at InfoComm 2023 on June 10-16 in Orlando, Florida. At the show, the AV community will experience more of the manifestation of AVIXA’s dedication to DEI through powerful conversations, diverse voices on stage, and programs to reach diverse youth.

“We want everyone to feel welcome to this exciting industry, because everyone deserves to belong and for their story to be heard,” said David Labuskes, CEO of AVIXA. “It’s critical that the environment where we host InfoComm is inclusive to everyone.”

AVIXA says it is “intentional about bringing new and diverse voices to the classrooms, panel discussions, and InfoComm stages,” highlighting initiative that ask speakers to encourage and support colleagues from diverse communities to present sessions at InfoComm.

“This program is yielding positive results,” according to AVIXA, noting that the speaker lineup for InfoComm 2023 is 26% female or non-binary and 25% minorities.

Laws that adversely affect women, LGBTQ+, Black, Latino, Asian, Indigenous, disabled persons, and others are not in line with AVIXA’s values,” said Labuskes. “Orange County, Florida, the home for InfoComm 2023, shares our dedication to DEI and takes deliberate action to support diverse communities.”

The organization highlighted the following sessions and events at InfoComm 2023 as examples of “how organizations can go beyond conversations about race and take action for racial and gender equity and the importance of leadership being purposeful about implementing DEI practices.”

  • Diversity & Equity in the Modern Workplace: Intentional Leadership” will feature industry DEI experts sharing their experiences and success stories on how belonging is a powerful sentiment that needs to be understood by leaders and ingrained into an organization’s DNA.
  • An Ethical Revolution in Tech: Creating DEI Accountability and Psychologically Safe Workplaces” will bring together a cross-section of the industry to share insights for change at every level. From the perspectives of workplace leadership, management allyship, or passionate outspoken employee perspective, this session will provide real-world examples.
  • AVIXA Women’s Council Breakfast will feature keynote speaker Dr. Tarika Barrett, CEO of Girls Who Code, who is on a mission to close the gender gap in tech and change the image of what a computer programmer looks like. Dr. Barrett will shine a light on the transformative power of learning spaces where women can collaborate to problem-solve, innovate, and envision themselves as leaders and equals in their fields.
  • InfoComm will also host students from The Loop Lab and Diverse Media Institute, organizations that provide audiovisual education with a particular focus on the DEI. The students will tour the trade show, attend seminars and workshops, and attend special AVIXA events.
  • On June 16, HETMA and AVIXA will announce the recipients of the Prism Scholarships.
  • Infocom 2023 DEI includes information about more DEI-focused sessions and events that will be held at InfoComm 2023.


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