Amitech Releases Healthcare RPA Solution

Healthcare data, analytics and automation consulting firm Amitech Solutions has announced the launch of a new suite of robotic process automation solutions for healthcare.

Built on the RPA platform, UiPath, the FlintRPA solutions suite works to address some of the core, universal processes and challenges in healthcare. FlintCM care management, patient quality and FlintPQ safety audits, FlintRP remittance posting and reconciliation and FlintRC pre-certification processing, operate together or independently to enable better clinical outcomes, better patient experience and the ability to have everyone working at the top of their credentials.  

“Reducing inefficiencies, errors and costs goes a long way in achieving the goals of the healthcare triple aim,” said Amitech CEO, Amit Bhagat (above). “The FlintRPA solutions offer a means to do all of that and more with unparalleled speed, ease and flexibility. We’re thrilled to be a part of driving healthcare forward in such a tangible way.”

“FlintCM in particular is incredibly promising for its ability to impact care and outcomes for high-risk patients,” said Amitech Vice President of Innovation, Paul Boal. “For these patients, time is of the essence and delays in the transfer of critical information often means they aren’t able to get the services they need soon enough for care management programs to have an impact. Real-time access to that information with FlintCM means the right care arrives in time to make a meaningful difference.”

The FlintRPA solutions are currently available and the company is offering demos upon request.

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