Redwood Software Revamps Its Pricing Model for Robotic Process Automation (Photo credit: National Park Service Digital Image Archives)

Redwood Software Revamps Pricing Model for Robotic Process Automation

Robotic process automation (RPA) provider Redwood Software recently began offering a new licensing model that allows customers to only pay for the specific services they use at their organization.

Branded as a “robotic service charge,” the company is marketing this as distinct from other licensing models that “leave customers with the responsibility of having to guess how many bots they need at the beginning of a project and what that return can give them,” said Redwood Software in a statement.

The Houten, Netherlands-based company, which recently unveiled its enhanced Redwood Robotics solution and was also named among the top 13 RPA vendors by the Everest Group, added that this will allow clients to only pay for service when it is “equivalent to a unit of work that can done by a person,” including tasks such as sending an email or downloading a report.

“There is no exact formula to know how many bots an organization needs to service a specific business process,” said the company. “Often, organizations are left with empty promises of full automation — and even more manual work to simply maintain and manage the influx of bots their vendor has deployed.”

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Dennis Walsh, president of the Americas and Asia-Pacific regions for Redwood Software, said he expects customers to appreciate the transparent nature of the service delivery that will only charge the client when a robotic service definitively replaces work that would otherwise by completed manually.

“This new approach is moving Redwood closer to our ambition to completely eliminate unnecessary manual effort in the workplace, so businesses can focus their resources on bigger and more important strategic initiatives,” said Walsh.

(Photo credit: National Park Service Digital Image Archives)

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