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IBM, TCS, WorkFusion, Daisy Intelligence Among Winners of AIconics Artificial Intelligence Awards

IBM, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), WorkFusion, and Daisy Intelligence were among the winners at this year’s AIconics award ceremony last week in San Francisco.

At this sixth annual edition, IBM took the top spot for “best innovation in natural language processing.” A slate of startups won in other innovation categories, including Interactions for the “best intelligent assistant innovation” and for the “best innovation in deep learning” award. PureStorage won for the “best innovation in AI hardware”

Global consulting and outsourcing giant TCS was named for having the “best application of AI in the enterprise,” while Daisy Intelligence was named this year’s “best AI startup.”

Daisy Intelligence has made its name by applying artificial intelligence to risk calculations, using its “Theory of Risk” technology to “uncover smarter operational decisions in your operational data.” It has been used by insurers and retailers to promote efficiency and improve results, says the company.

WorkFusion was honored for creating the “best innovation in RPA,” beating out other industry leaders on the shortlist including UiPath, Blue Prism, and Automation Anywhere.

The New York-based RPA provider’s innovation came in the form of its “Smart Process Automation (SPA)” solution, something it calls its flagship process automation product. WorkFusion boasts about both the effectiveness and efficiency of its platform, particularly among its adoption in the financial services industry, and its low total cost of ownership.

“WorkFusion SPA,” said the firm in a statement, “distinguished itself from RPA competitors with its software bots which are able to detect, learn and adapt their function and performance using real-time data…These powerful self-driving bots eliminate the need for data scientists or developers to continuously monitor, analyze and reprogram automation.”

It added that, “unlike cloud-based AI providers that require hundreds of thousands of sample documents, WorkFusion SPA requires only 400 to 500 samples to achieve significant automation rates.”

For specific industry awards, Conversica won for the best AI application for sales and marketing, Coseer won for the best application in healthcare, and Persistent took the top prize for financial services.

YiXue Squirrel AI Learning was recognized for the “greatest contribution to ethics, gender equality and diversity in AI.” Others on the shortlist in this category included Sigma AI, Xero Abuse Project, EightFold, Humanyze, and LiveTiles.

(Photo credit: AxxLC / Pixabay)

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