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WorkFusion and IBA Group Partner on Email-Processing RPA Solution for Customer Support

Automation software provider WorkFusion has partnered with Prague-based IT services company IBA Group on a new robotic process automation (RPA) email-processing application for customer support center.

The technology centers around machine learning principles that will help “relieve the pressure” of employees having to manually analyze all incoming emails, according to the New York-based automation firm. As an example, WorkFusion cites the case of a customer sending an email stop-payment request that can be automatically read and understood by the underlying RPA technology and take the proper action.

Such applications, among others, will save time and add efficiency to customer support, says the company. “Combining the power of machine learning and RPA, the WorkFusion-based solution reduces manual effort and completely automates repetitive actions,” said the firm in a statement. “As a result, the organization’s employees are able to focus on more complex tasks.”

Sergei Levteev, IBA Group chairman, says that the partnership will be mutually beneficial because it combines WorkFusion’s technology with his company’s engineering talent and technical knowledge.

“Companies in banking, insurance, healthcare, and other data-intensive industries are increasingly looking to leverage AI to reduce cost, grow revenue, and better serve customers,” said Alex Lyashok, president of WorkFusion. “We are thrilled to bring them a solution that will make our mission their reality.”

(Photo credit: Geralt / Pixabay)

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