UK Fintech Munnypot Partners with Jyske Bank on Robo-Advisor

Jyske Bank, a financial institutional headquartered in Silkeborg, Denmark, partnered with U.K. fintech startup Munnypot last month to launch a new robo-advisor application aimed at boosting its digital offerings.

Called Jyske Munnypot, the solution will give online investment advice to clients as well as monitoring and notifications about the performance of their portfolio.

The exact date of the rollout has not been announced, but it expected to be available within the first half of 2018, according to the West Sussex-based Munnypot. This represents the fintech company’s first significant deal with a bank in continental Europe.

“We know, first hand, the time and resources required to build a robust online investment advice proposition and that, for most firms, partnering is the best and most efficient route to developing an innovative, client-engaging service,” said Andrew Fay, CEO and co-founder of Munnypot.

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