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Study: 46% of Enterprises with Advanced RPA Implementation Are Exceeding Expected Cost Savings

A new Information Services Group (ISG) study seeking to analyze the business value of automation found that almost half of the organizations that have reached an advanced level of robotic process automation (RPA) implementation throughout their enterprise are seeing better-than-expected cost savings.

In addition to lower costs, the Stamford, Connecticut-based technology consultancy and research firm found that these companies are also exceeding expectations when it comes to productivity, accuracy, compliance, and customer experience.

The company presented these findings in its “Bot 3.0” report this week at the ISG Automation Summit in New York, which broke down companies by their maturity level in terms of automation implementation. Though the most advanced companies, categorized as “Bot 3.0” enterprises, only represent 7% of the overall total, 46% of them are realizing gains in the aforementioned key areas.

By contrast, only around one-third of “Bot 1.0” or “Bot 2.0″ enterprises exceeded business expectations.

“We found that, as companies grow their automation capability, they get better results,” said Stanton Jones, director and principal analyst, at ISG. “Companies at a higher ‘Bot level’ consistently exceed their expected business results across nearly every category.”

For Mark Davison, global partner of robotic process and cognitive automation at ISG, this supported findings of a previous analysis done by the company and suggests that early adopters are seeing meaningful return on their investment in automation.

”While RPA is already producing impressive results, there is still significant room for more business value to be derived, as organizations mature their RPA capability and begin to leverage cognitive technologies,” said Davidson.

(Photo credit: QuinceMedia / Pixabay)

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