Andicom 2018

PWC and CINTEL to Honor the Best Digital Transformation in Colombia at Andicom 2018

Global consultancy PWC has partnered again this year with local information technology organization CINTEL to recognize the Colombian companies that have achieved the most when it comes to business transformation.

The winners of this second-annual prize will be announced next week during Andicom 2018, the largest ITC and innovation conference in Colombia, in four different categories: Digital Transformation in Large Companies, Digital Transformation in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs), Digital Transformation with Social Impact, and Digital Entrepreneurship.

Nominees were accepted for around three weeks from June through July, with the judges weighing factors including the adoption of a digital culture, overall vision, sustainability of the transformation, impact on customers, and the use of platforms.

The best of the best will join the 2017 winners Bancolombia (which as the largest bank in Colombia won for large companies), Boxi Sleep (the disruptive mattress company that won for SMEs), 1DOC3 (the tech-focused healthcare startup that won for digital entrepreneurship), and Wikiwomen (an online platform aimed at empowering women that won for social impact).

The winners will be named during Andicom 2018 in Cartagena, which runs from August 29-31 and will include keynote speakers Colombian President Iván Duque and Hong Kong-“born” robot citizen Sophia, who recently made her debut South American appearance in Colombia.

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