Convexus in Lima, Peru, has partnered with NICE Systems. (Credit: Serious Cat)

NICE Systems Partners with Convexus of Peru on Analytics and RPA

Hoboken, New Jersey-based NICE Systems recently announced a new partnership with Convexus SAC of Peruvian telecommunications and networking solutions provider, that will center on analytics, robotic process automation (RPA) and workforce optimization.

Convexus, from its headquarters in Lima, is hoping the pairing will lead to greater segment presence in areas including trading floors and contact centers. NICE Systems is looking for a larger footprint in the Peruvian market as part of its larger growth strategy in Latin America.

“Peru is a growing economy and our partnership with Convexus is a key factor in expanding our investment in Latin America going forward,” said Yaron Hertz, president of NICE Americas.

In a statement, NICE Systems said that it will bring to the table local support in the form of sales, analytics, compliance, and other areas. In terms of RPA, NICE said it will be looking to help clients cut back office costs “through easily scalable work process automation” that increases productivity, accuracy, and employee satisfaction.

Convexus, which Hertz called a “Peruvian corporate success story,” will also stand to benefit from NICE’s “proactive compliance for trading floors,” the firm said in a statement. This tool allows financial services companies to monitor business interactions, conduct audits, and identify potential risks, including regulatory violations.

Photo: Lima, the capital of Peru and home of Convexus SAC. (Credit: Serious Cat)

This article was originally published on Finance Colombia. It has been reprinted with permission.

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