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Photo: Building 92 at Microsoft Corporation headquarters in Redmond, Washington. (Credit: Coolcaesar)

Microsoft to Invest $5 Billion into Internet of Things over the Next Four Years

Microsoft announced last month that it plans to invest a whopping $5 billion into Internet of Things (IoT) technology over the next four years, largely into product and service development as well as research.

The global investment will also go toward building out what the Redmond, Washington-based company referred to in a statement as its “partner ecosystem” and it’s overall “technology platform.”

This interconnected push will tough everything from the cloud and data centers to common mobile devices (such as phones and tablets) and intelligent new products (like appliances and home control systems).

The investment we’re announcing today will ensure we continue to meet all our customers’ needs both now and in the future,” stated Microsoft.

The tech giant added that, “it’s well understood that IoT solutions can create operational efficiencies, but we know the true impact extends well beyond that into our daily lives…Our customers are delivering electricity to schools in Africa, creating better patient outcomes with predictive care, improving worker safety on job sites and driver safety on Alaskan roadways.”

(Photo Credit: Coolcaesar)

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