Photo: Building 92 at Microsoft Corporation headquarters in Redmond, Washington. (Credit: Coolcaesar)

Microsoft Slashes Pricing on Azure HDInsight Offering

Microsoft announced that it will cut the price of its Azure HDInsight cloud service for Big Data analytics by up to 52% starting on January 5.

The company added that those coding in R can see up to 80% savings on its HDInsight offering, which allows clients to use open-source frameworks including Hadoop, Spark, Hive, LLAP, Kafka, Storm, HBase, and Microsoft R Server.

“Customers will get even more value from their batch processing, interactive querying, machine learning, streaming analytics, and real-time analytics workloads on Azure HDInsight at a much lower price,” stated the Redmond, Washington-based company in its announcement.

Toyota, Accuweather, and GE are among the high-profile clients that are already utilizing the firm’s HDInsight service, according to Microsoft.

In addition, Microsoft is now offering the “general availability” of Apache Kafka on Azure HDInsight, something that will let users “build enterprise-grade, open-source, real-time analytics solutions” in areas including the Internet of Things, social analytics, and fraud detection.

The announcement comes in the same month that Microsoft also lowered its fee for “Archive Blob Storage” down to as low as “$0.002 per gigabyte per month,” according to the company. This category of storage is designed for “long-term storage which is rarely accessed,” says Microsoft, and it comes in various tiers depending upon the needs of the organization.

Photo: Building 92 at Microsoft Corporation headquarters in Redmond, Washington. (Credit: Coolcaesar)

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