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Jordan Ahli Bank Facebook Messenger Chatbot (Photo credit: iphonedigital)

Jordan Ahli Bank Introduces Facebook Messenger Chatbot for Customer Service

Jordan Ahli Bank has introduced a new chatbot to conduct customer service through Facebook Messenger. The Jordanian bank is reportedly the first in the country to jump on the chatbot bandwagon to improve its customer experience, although the innovation has currently only been launched in beta.

The chatbot, known as Ahli Bot, can respond to inquiries in both Arabic and English 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, according to the Zarqa-based bank.

Saad Mouasher, chairman of Ahli Bank, which also has branches in Lebanon, Cyprus, and Palestine, said that the new service aligns with the Middle Eastern financial institution’s “mission of customer service excellence, creativity, and innovation.”

He stressed that the company has also taken care to prioritize data protection and security for any clients interacting with its chatbot. “This bot is in line with our strategy to improve the bank’s technical platform so we can help customers in the most efficient way possible,” said Mouasher.

(Photo credit: iphonedigital)

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