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IBM, FAPESP Create AI Center in Brazil, Call For Research Projects

The São Paulo State Research Foundation (FAPESP) and IBM have joined efforts to support the creation of a Center for Artificial Intelligence (AI), within the FAPESP Engineering Research Center Program. The new Center will pursue a disruptive research program, with the potential to promote paradigm shifts in AI. Its mission is twofold: to generate deeper knowledge at the fundamental front and to develop applications of economical vale to industry.

The IBM-FAPESP AI Center will belong to the IBM AI Horizons Network, the first Latin-American institution to join the Network.

The Call for Proposals aimed at the constitution of the AI Center is open for submission. Proposals may be submitted by individual research groups or consortia led by research groups affiliated to universities or research institutes in the State of São Paulo.

The scope of the Call comprises research projects within the entire spectrum of IA knowledge. The applied component must address problems of interest to the specific segments of the economy: natural resources (oil and gas, mining), agribusiness (including genomics and biotech), environment protection and the financial sector. Also within the scope are studies of the ramifications and possible expansions of AI into those segments from a socio-economical perspective.

Research will be at the core of the Center activities. For this reason, the Center will be supported by a research team with adequate size, experience, and prowess to generate scientific breakthroughs.

The Center will seek scientific cooperation with governmental and non-governmental organizations and foster spin outs. In addition, it will interact with the educational system, especially at the K-12 levels. FAPESP’s Public-Education Improvement Program may prove instrumental to that end.

All proposals must be uploaded to FAPESP’s online submission system SAGe. The deadline for submission is April 15, 2019. In the first fortnight of March, IBM and FAPESP will promote a one-day workshop to discuss the scientific scope of the Call and answer questions.

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