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HP Z Workstations

HP Launches New Line of Computers Aimed at Machine Learning Developers

Tech giant HP has started selling a new line of computers with specs designed to perform machine learning applications. Categorized as HP Z Workstations, the machines are aimed at machine learning and artificial intelligence developers and have prioritized local processing power, eschewing the trend toward the cloud.

Specifically, the Palo Alto-based company’s top-end machines in the line, including the  HP Z8 and HP Z4 Workstations, are powered by Intel Xeon 56-core processors and NVIDIA Quadro graphics with 32 GB HBM2 memory and Tensor Cores. According to HP, the high-end computers can handle even terabyte-sized data sets.

In addition to machine learning and AI developers, the company plans to market the HP Z Workstations toward creative professional in fields including gaming and video editing.

“The use of workstations for machine learning development is the gateway to automating workflows in areas such as facial identification, sentiment analysis, fraud detection, and predictive analytics,” said HP in a statement.

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