Google to Open Artificial Intelligence Research Center in Ghana

Google announced today that it would open its next artificial intelligence research center in Ghana.

Planned to open in Accra later this year, it will be its first such location on the continent and join other similar centers already operating in cities including New York, Boston, Toronto, Paris, Tel Aviv, Beijing, and Tokyo.

In its announcement, the Mountain View, California-based tech giant said that the continent is experiencing a growth in machine learning research and that it plans to partner with local universities and research centers. Among the areas it believes have potential in Africa are healthcare, agriculture, and education.

“AI has great potential to positively impact the world, and more so if the world is well represented in the development of new AI technologies,” stated Google. “So it makes sense to us that the world should be well represented in the development of AI.”

Google is also accepting applications for research scientist and research software engineers to work in Ghana.

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