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Google, Qualcomm, Blue Prism Among Winners of AI Breakthrough Awards

Google, Qualcomm, Blue Prism, Verint Systems, MyndShft, Veritone, and Deep Cognition were among those recognized as winners at the 2018 AI Breakthrough Awards.

Handed out by the industry organization of the same name, the AI Breakthrough Awards look to honor companies in artificial intelligence and a host of related categories including robotic process automation (RPA), natural language generation, robotics, virtual agents and bots.

Silicon Valley technology giant Google was among the seven companies to win awards in the overall artificial intelligence leadership category, taking the top honor for Best Overall AI Company.

It was joined by Boulder AI (receiving the Innovation Award for AI Hardware), DataRPM (Best AI Solution for Big Data), Fuse Machines (Best AI Startup), (Best AI Tool for Develops), Nvidia (Best AI CEO), and Verint (Best Overall AI Solution).

For it s part, Qualcomm won for Best Overall AI Platform, while Veritone won for Best Machine Learning Platform, Deep Cognition won for Best Deep Learning Platform, Blue Prism won for Best RPA Company, and MyndShft won for Best RPA Solution.

The full list of winners can be seen on the AI Breakthrough Awards website.

(Photo credit: 377053 / Pixabay)

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