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Flagler Hospital Licenses Ayasdi Clinical Variation Management AI Solution (Photo credit: sasint / Pixabay)

Florida-Based Flagler Hospital Licenses Ayasdi’s Clinical Variation Management AI Solution

St. Augustine, Florida-based Flagler Hospital has licensed Ayasdi’s artificial intelligence healthcare solution to deploy at its 335-bed facility.

The software, called Clinical Variation Management (CVM), aims to add efficiency to operations at hospitals by leveraging intelligent applications to detect patterns and relationships from electronic medical records (EMRs), billing, and clinical data in accordance with Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) standards.

According to the Menlo Park, California-based Ayasdi, its Clinical Variation Management software “combines unsupervised learning techniques with supervised prediction and industry-leading explainability to rapidly construct potential care process models for both acute and non-acute procedures.”

Gary Hagmueller, chief operating officer of Ayasdi, said that the company is pleased to see a smaller community hospital jump on board with its product. “We are excited to support Flagler as it applies machine intelligence to the challenges of clinical variation,” he said.

(Photo credit: sasint / Pixabay)

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