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The conversational AI space is exploding,

Conversica Acquires Chilean Startup Intelligens to Expand Spanish Language Capability

Californian company Conversica, which uses artificial intelligence to help automate the development of sales leads, acquired Chilean startup Intelligens.ai earlier this year to expand its reach into the Spanish-speaking market.

The acquired Santiago-based company — which was founded in 2016 and has dozens of customers in Chile, Colombia, Peru, and Bolivia — offers a host of conversation-centric applications across mobile platforms, including Facebook Messenger, Skype, and Slack.

Photo: “The conversational AI space is exploding,” says Alex Terry, CEO of Conversica. (Credit: Conversica)

Conversica, a tech company that aims to improve “routine business conversations” using AI-powered virtual assistant software that can automatically contact and follow up with leads, said in a statement that it plans to integrate these data sets and tech developments into its own AI platform “over the coming months.” This will greatly expand its capabilities in Spanish, stated Conversica.

Among other benefits, this will bring greater accuracy to its system and further expand its machine learning capabilities as the integration comes to pass, which will include Intelligens data science and engineering workers joining the company.

“Intelligens brings exciting capabilities that naturally extend Conversica’s solution to include new communication channels, conversations, language expertise, and training data,” said Alex Terry, chief executive officer of Conversica. “The conversational AI space is exploding, with more and more organizations recognizing the value of automating routine conversations to grow revenue, manage costs and free up their human workforce for more productive activities.”

This article was originally published by Finance Colombia. It has been reprinted with permission.

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