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Colombian Bank Bancolombia Unveils Tabot Facebook Messenger Chatbot

Bancolombia has introduced a new artificial intelligence-powered chatbot for customer service through Facebook.

Called Tabot Bancolombia, the client-facing “virtual assistant” can provide answers to clients in real time, 24/7, on Facebook Messenger.

The technology’s natural language processing enables it to understand customer requests in a number of categories, including balance inquiries, bank and ATM locations, exchange rates, applying for new accounts, and digital transactional questions.

Through machine learning, the technology will also be upgraded over time to increase the breadth of inquiries it can field. It will also be expanded into other customer service channels.

“Tabot is our new digital assistant and is supported in such technologies as artificial intelligence and various services in the cloud,” said Gabriel Di Lelle, vice president of innovation and digital transformation of Bancolombia. “Tabot has had a process of training and learning that today allows you to understand the different ways in which people express themselves.”

This article was first published on Finance Colombia

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