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Chatbot Chocolate of Spain Opens Colombia Office to Expand Presence in Latin America

Spanish customer service agency Chatbot Chocolate has set up operations in Bogotá as a regional hub to deliver artificial intelligence-based support.

The firm’s chatbot technology blends together “national language processing” ability that can contextualize company information like FAQs with artificial intelligence that helps the bots understand customer questions. The result is a software system that can mimic human-like interactions with clients 24/7 and provide cost-effective customer support through messaging services such as Whatsapp, according to Chatbot Chocolate.

The Madrid-based company, which also has an office in Mexico City, cited Colombia’s maturing tech sector a key reason for making Bogotá the site of its first location in South America. Moreover, “to meet the strong demand for services received from Latin America,” the company said in a statement that it has been encouraged by the local leadership capability of Juan Nates, who has been involved in the organization Bogotá AI and will head the firm’s operations in the country.

“We create chatbots capable of communicating with human beings and accompanying companies in their process of digital transformation through messaging apps,” said Nates, managing partner of Chatbot Chocolate in Latin America. “In Colombia, as in Spain, WhatsApp is the most used application and, in this context, we can transmit to the companies all the experience acquired by the Spanish team during all these months.”

Ángel Hernández, managing partner of Chatbot Chocolate, praised Nates for his entrepreneurial work in the region and experience in the mobile technology field.

“Juan is a respected entrepreneur in the region, passionate about mobile technology that accumulates more than 10 years of experience in the sector,” said Hernández. “He had been following the work we had been doing from Spain for months, so the connection was immediate.”

This article was originally published at Finance Colombia. It has been reprinted with permission.

(Photo credit: Webster2703 / Pixabay)

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