Bosch to Add 500 Tech Workers and AI Specialists at New Office in Guadalajara

German technology company Bosch has launched a large new office in Guadalajara following a $10 million investment in the high-tech Mexican city.

With offices covering 10 floors, the firm will bring in hundreds of additional workers, including engineers, software developers, and specialists in artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR).

Bosch first entered Guadalajara in 2014 with 14 employees and has since grown to around 500. With the expansion, it expects to hit 1,000 workers by 2020.

The local government in Mexico had been working to encourage the expansion, according to a representative of Economic Development Secretary (Sedeco) in the state of Jalisco, as reported by local newspaper El Diario.

The firm said that it will work to instill the office with “inspiring working conditions” (IWS), a term Bosch has been using in recent years at its new innovation-centric offices. The fundamentals focus on disruption, vision, and fun, per the company. 

Photo: Workers at Bosch’s Internet of Things office in Berlin. (Photo credit: Bosch)

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