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Bocalista Launches ‘Botsy’ Chatbot to Recommend Media Content to Latin American Market

Latin American media firm Bocalista has launched a new chatbot that aims to deliver news and entertainment to subscribers through Facebook Messenger.

Called “Botsy,” the Colombian company says that it has designed the bot with artificial intelligence capabilities that will enhance the user experience particularly millennials.

Such innovations are driving a “shift in the way readers consume content.” said Emmanuel Boros, founder of Bocalista. “We are offering our users a more personalized way to consume news and entertainment.”

Botsy is capable of interacting with users through Facebook Messenger in the manner of a recommendation engine that can suggest specific content, including news articles

The technology uses machine learning to improve its recommendations over time with the goal of giving individuals the exact type of content they like to absorb. “Botsy will help our readers access the news they are interested in and actually want in a more natural, conversational way,” said Boros.

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