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Blue Prism Teams Up with KPMG to Develop Intelligent Automation Solutions

Robotic process automation (RPA) provider Blue Prism this month joined forces with global professional services firm KPMG LLP to develop intelligent automation (IA) solutions for clients.

Together, they will aim to devise new and better ways for companies to reduce costs and increase efficiency by using a “digital workforce,” said the U.K.-based Blue Prism in a statement. Among its focus areas, the alliance will look for solutions that can bring scale and speed to the automation sector.

“Organizations are embracing and implementing a digital workforce that will help them improve operational governance and transactional integrity while seamlessly integrating with legacy applications,” said Alastair Bathgate, CEO and co-founder of Blue Prism.

KPMG is increasingly looking to expand its RPA offerings in response to a growing consumer demand. A recent survey of CEOs in the United States conducted by the Netherlands-based firm revealed that around 33% of chief executive plan to “significantly increase headcount” to manage IA technology.

“It’s crucial that organizations integrate RPA tools that effectively provide governance, intelligence, security, and compliance,” said Todd Lohr, principal for advisory at KPMG.

He notes that doing so can free up employees to “focus on higher-value tasks” and that combining with Blue Prism’s software will allow the companies to “create innovative RPA solutions for organizations increasingly focused on digital transformation.”

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