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AWS Releases Free Online Courses on Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Deep Learning

Amazon Web Services (AWS) recently released an array of free online training courses focused on cloud computing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI). According to the company, more than 100 of these digital lessons are now available to the public, including introduction courses to concepts like AI and “deep learning.”

Many of the courses, which typically only take around 10 minutes to complete, also focus of teaching clients and potential clients about AWS services.

“Introduction to Amazon Lex“ is intended to teach people how to create a bot and deploy it to different chat services. “Introduction to Amazon Rekognition” explores use cases for the service’s image and facial analysis recognition technology. “Introduction to Amazon SageMaker” provides an overview the company’s product that helps data scientists and developers build and use machine learning models.

In addition to the new free offerings, AWS offers more extensive, full-day programs, including one on deep learning that covers topics that overlap with Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud and the MXNet framework.

In a statement, AWS said that it has also planned to develop and release more free training course in 2018.

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