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Danske Bank has worked with AquaQ Analytics to streamline processes through automation. (Credit: Albert Bridge)

AquaQ Analytics Automation Has Already Led to Efficiency Gains for Danske Bank

AquaQ Analytics has partnered with Danske Bank in Northern Ireland to help implement the financial institution’s automation strategy in a number areas that have already begun to show positive results, according to the U.K.-based data and automation company.

Specifically, from its Belfast office, AquaQ Analytics has worked together with the bank’s risk team to streamline data processing that had previously been conducted manually. The company also worked with Danske Bank’s intelligence team to transition a series of Excel-based tasks to the proprietary Alteryx data analytics platform.

Time savings are being seen by the bank already, with “tasks that previously took half a day” now capable of being done “in a matter of minutes,” said AquaQ Analytics in a statement. It added that the process efficiencies realized so far “will save Danske Bank on average eight days per month and allow key personnel to focus on other high value projects.”

The companies will continue to work together to implement additional automation solutions, something that they believe will also lead to higher employee satisfaction scores as the workers who previously conducted these repetitive tasks will be freed up for different projects.

“Our partnership with AquaQ has enabled our data intelligence team to fast-track automation of manually intensive tasks, allowing our team to be innovative and focus on creating value for our customers,” said Marion Rybnikar, head of data at Danske Bank. “Automating these complicated, repetitive tasks lets our team concentrate on complex tasks that require greater analysis and interpretation.”

Photo: A Danske Bank branch in Belfast, Northern Ireland. (Credit: Albert Bridge)

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