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AnyVision to Provide AI Solutions to Telefonica

Spanish telecom Telefónica has entered into a strategic partnership with AnyVision, a provider of artificial intelligence and digital platforms, to help integrate related digital technologies into its operations.

According to AnyVision, it will be working to implement AI-centric solutions into Telefónica business offerings in both Europe and Latin America, including Colombia, across areas ranging from security, infrastructure, and transportation to banking, retail, and entertainment.

“AnyVision’s AI technology will enable Telefónica to deliver custom end-to-end solutions and turnkey projects to its customers,” said the Tel Aviv-based tech firm in a statement.

“The two companies will work together on major projects in airports, smart cities, stadiums, and banks, providing onboarding and authentication solutions, as well as seamless access control,” added AnyVision.

The Madrid-based company, which additionally operates through the Movistar brand in Spain and widely across Latin America, will be working with AnyVision globally through its Telefónica Ingeniería de Seguridad subsidiary.

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“AnyVision and Telefónica share a deep commitment to creating safer and smarter environments all over the world,” said Eylon Etshtein, CEO and co-founder of AnyVision. “This partnership is simply the beginning of what we will accomplish together thanks to the power of artificial intelligence.”

(Photo credit: Björn)

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